Flavor Quest 2016!

There’s nothing quite like sharing bits of English toffee with friends while walking down the cobblestone streets of London or having the first tasty sip of your abuelita’s famous homemade horchata on a hot summer day. The world is filled with flavors for every palate, from the rich decadence of an Indonesian chocolate java cake to the light and sweet taste of a New Zealand kiwi raspberry sorbet. If only there were a single destination where you could experience it all…


Pack your bags, because starting March 24 our flavors are taking your taste buds on the adventure of a lifetime. We invite you to join us on our fourth annual adventure around the world: Flavor Quest! During our journey, you’ll be able to enjoy new flavors  of our tasty frozen yogurt – and new toppings! – inspired by the global flavors you crave.

One land, 10 delicious weeks, 9 global flavors. Yum.

With one new flavor arriving each week and staying for two weeks at a time, you’ll have plenty of time to stop by your favorite Yogurtland for a taste of all of our nine delectable flavors. After you fill your cup with our yummy frozen yogurt, stop by our toppings bar to take your flavor experience to the next level with a French galette, Venetian chocolate truffle or one of our delicious mini shortbread fingers!


Our Real Reward members are in for an even sweeter adventure during Flavor Quest: collect and earn passport stamps with every daily trip you make to Yogurtland! 


Remember: you don’t need to travel the world to taste all the deliciousness that it has to offer: you just need to find a Yogurtland!

Made with REAL Tangerines and Oranges, this tangy, sweet sorbet is sure to be a crowd pleaser! The perfect flavor balance of candied tangerine and a fresh orange finish makes for a refreshingly sweet treat!
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