Yogurtland Takes Frozen Yogurt to New Levels!

We don’t mean to cause a fuss, but our Flavorologists have made a breakthrough that’s going to change the way you enjoy frozen yogurt forever.  

Ok, maybe we are trying to cause a fuss.

It’s a question they’ve been asking themselves for years: Why are we limiting ourselves to frozen yogurt flavors that are sweet, creamy, tart and decadent? Is frozen yogurt doomed to a life that caters to a dessert palate? That can’t be the only type of frozen yogurt our fans want to try…

Yogurtland is proud to announce a new line of frozen yogurt flavors, 5 years in the making, featuring America’s favorite food toppers: condiments. From ketchup and mustard to Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes, our Flavorologists have been hard at work creating the flavors of the future.

“We’re taking our frozen yogurt flavors to a new level by throwing savory options into the mix,” said Nirupama, Flavorologist at Yogurtland. “You can enjoy each flavor individually or take it home and use it to compliment your meal – it’s a win-win!”  


Our Flavorologists are kicking off this new line of frozen yogurt flavors with two classic Japanese condiments: wasabi and ginger.

“Our wasabi flavor really has an outstanding profile,” said Liz, Flavorologist at Yogurtland. “We used real wasabi peas to make the most authentic flavor possible and trust us – you’ll really be able to taste the heat!”

Our fans are just as excited about the new flavors as we are and have already given some of the flavors rave reviews.  

“I ordered a catering box filled with ketchup and mustard flavored yogurts and brought it to our family BBQ,” said Floyd Stevens, long-time patron of Yogurtland. “Everyone loved putting it on their hamburgers and hotdogs!”  

As the front-runners of innovation in the frozen yogurt industry, we are excited to hear what you think of our newest additions to the flavor family.  

“We knew it was going to be good,” said Utami, Flavorologist at Yogurtland, “but we never could have imagined it’d be this good.”

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