Flavor Profile: Mexican Horchata

It’s finally here. The moment you’ve been waiting for since you first laid eyes on that mouth-watering list of featured flavors for this year’s Flavor Quest: Mexican Horchata.

The variety of Horchata recipes found throughout the world is endless, and we’re beyond excited to bring the Yogurtland version to your cup, starting today!

How do our Flavorologists do it?

You’ve already met the team, now let’s get the inside scoop on what went into making our next featured frozen yogurt flavor of Flavor Quest:


What is Horchata?                                                                 

Creamy, cinnamon-y, nutty and extremely refreshing, this drink has a history that traces back to ancient Egypt. With a recipe this old, you’re bound to get hundreds of variations – all native to their regions – that use different key ingredients to make the chilled drink we love so much. So, naturally we had to try them all to find the perfect blend for our Horchata frozen yogurt!

What inspired you to create this flavor? Was there something you were trying to achieve?

Our main goal for Flavor Quest is to find the best tasting flavors from around the world and bring them to your favorite Yogurtland. Being in California, Horchata seemed to be in our backyard and we thought, “Why haven’t we done this before?!”

Where did you start when you decided on this flavor?              

Questions. Lots of questions.

As mentioned before, the tricky thing about Horchata is that there are so many different recipes that make an authentic Horchata. Some versions has raisins, some version don’t. Some use almonds, others use pepitas. The drink has evolved so much over time and it was important for us research every variation to find the key flavor profiles we wanted to feature in our frozen yogurt. 

Which Horchata recipe/variation do you think Yogurtland’s Horchata frozen yogurt best resembles?

We don’t want to completely give away our secrets, but when we looked at the different recipes for Horchata, we saw nuts – specifically almonds – almost every time. Cinnamon was another big player in this flavor. There’s nuttiness and warmth that comes through with cinnamon – it’s a really clean flavor that adds to the nostalgia of our frozen yogurt.

How many versions of Horchata did you make before you came up with the perfect flavor balance?

Eleven versions for our Horchata frozen yogurt!

How would you describe this flavor to someone who’s never been to Yogurtland?

Our Horchata frozen yogurt is sweet with hints of warm cinnamon and almond.

What toppings do you suggest pairing with this flavor?

Oh boy. This flavor would taste great any number of toppings: salted caramel, almonds, something crunchy like Captain Crunch or cookies... so many delicious pairing options!

Our Horchata frozen yogurt is currently available in stores while supplies last. Use our Location Finder tool to find the closest location to you that’s carrying it!
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