New Craft Purees at Yogurtland!

This year, we’re splashing into summer by diving into our new refreshing line of craft purees, now available at your favorite Yogurtland!  Take your pick from our variety of favorites – raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and peach – all handpicked just for you.


The fruits that make up our tasty craft purees are ripened to perfection and picked at just the right moment to make sure all the naturally great tasting flavors and sugars from the fruit find their way into your cup with each spoonful. Each puree offers its own distinct flavor- just like our yogurts – so you can create deliciously unique creations with each visit.

If you’re looking for a puree that’s sweet, fruity and slightly tart, our strawberry puree is made for you! A unique blend of berries from Oregon & California, this craft puree is made from 100% pure strawberry and is the perfect topper to your favorite flavor of Yogurtland frozen yogurt – try it swirled together with Arctic Vanilla today!

Not a strawberry fan?  Have no fear, our bold blueberry is here.  Our blueberry craft puree is anything but jammy; instead, it’s extremely fresh, fragrant and did we mention bold? Pair this delicious puree with our Fresh Strawberry froyo for a fruity treat that delivers nature’s goodness in every bite.  

For an indulgent treat, pour our raspberry puree on top of your favorite chocolatey froyo.  This distinct flavor combination of sweet and tart is earthy, floral and 100% raspberry. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!   

To round up our delicious purees, our juicy and fragrant peach puree brings the hand-picked freshness of your farmers market to your Yogurtland cup. Picked ripe in sunny California, this puree will offer you a light and refreshing flavor that’ll send an instant ahhhh down your spine.  Doesn’t that sound peachy?

Which Craft Puree will be your favorite this summer? Stop into your local Yogurtland and find your perfect pair today!
Made with REAL Tangerines and Oranges, this tangy, sweet sorbet is sure to be a crowd pleaser! The perfect flavor balance of candied tangerine and a fresh orange finish makes for a refreshingly sweet treat!
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