Flavor Spotlight: Blueberry Lavender Light Ice Cream

Flavor Spotlight: Blueberry Lavender Light Ice Cream

April showers bring May flowers and a new floral treat to Yogurtland. Enjoy a subtle taste of Spring with our newest flavor – Blueberry Lavender light ice cream.

This newest addition to our ever-growing ice cream lineup is carefully crafted and infused with real blueberries and lavender oil for a flavor and aroma that will tantalize your taste buds.

We wanted to learn more about this unique flavor, so we took a trip down to our research lab to learn more about how this flavor was created by our flavorologist, Utami.

How did you get inspired to create this flavor and where did you start in the process?

We have seen that lavender has become a very trendy flavor that is loved by many of our guests. We thought to make it more unique by combining it with blueberry since the floral and fruity flavors complement each other really well.

Would you say this flavor is more blueberry or lavender?

The flavor profile is of a fresh, fruity blueberry followed by lavender in finish.

What makes this flavor a “light” ice cream?

We reduced the fat content of this product from 10g per 100g to 4.8g per 100g as compared to our Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream.

How many versions of this flavor did you create before you came up with the perfect balance of blueberry and lavender?

We worked on six versions to get the perfect balance of blueberry and lavender flavor.

How would you describe this flavor to someone who’s curious to try it?

Our Blueberry Lavender Light Ice Cream has a fresh fruity blueberry flavor up front in your first bite with a hint of lavender flavor that comes at the end of the bite. As you continue enjoying the product, you will get a really pleasant blend of blueberry and lavender flavor. The lavender flavor is not overwhelming, but just enough to build your curiosity and satisfaction of the overall flavor.

What toppings would you suggest pairing with this flavor?

Fruits, yogurt chips, captain crunch, granola, cheesecake bites – will all go well with this flavor.

How many flavors have you created so far for Yogurtland?

Blueberry Lavender Light Ice Cream is my 19th flavor.


Our Blueberry Lavender light ice cream is available now while supplies last. Try it in stores today and let us know what you think!

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