Lucky Mint Crème Chip Frozen Yogurt

The rain has finally decided to take a break. As the clouds slowly disappear in the sky above, you notice the most glorious rainbow you’ve ever seen. What a wonderful world. Your eyes follow it in all of its shimmering splendor as it soars off into the distance and lazily drops back down to earth where you see a – could it be?

Heart racing you rush off, using the rainbow as Google Maps to your prize. As you near the end of the rainbow, your prize starts to take shape: a cup at first, then creamy, minty, chocolaty-chip deliciousness swirled together with cookies and chocolate syrup…

Some people see a pot of gold at the end of their rainbow, but at Yogurtland we know you don’t. You’re on the Yogurtland blog, after all. We both know there’s nothing more satisfying than a creamy cup of our delicious frozen yogurt, and today we’re taking our Lucky Mint Crème froyo to another level of awesome! All you need is our Lucky Mint Crème frozen yogurt and a little imagination.

Below is a step-by-step photo guide to make Yogurtland’s Lucky Mint Crème Chip frozen yogurt.

1. First, grab a cup and head over to the toppings bar. We know, it’s unnatural – but trust us.  Squirt some chocolate sauce into the bottom and on the sides of your Yogurtland cup.​


2.) It’s time to add some frozen yogurt.  Walk over to the Lucky Mint Crème handle and pour a layer of it into your cup.

3.) Now comes the first layer of yum. Back at the toppings bar, add a layer of Oreo cookie crumbs to your cup. Your cup should now look something like this:

4.) Walk to the Lucky Mint Crème handle and pour yourself a second and final layer of frozen yogurt. Make it pretty!

5.) Back to the toppings bar we go. Add chocolate chips to the outside of your swirl of frozen yogurt.

6.) Top your delicious treat off with chocolate sauce – and a few extra Oreo crumbs if you’re feeling adventurous!


We hope you enjoy your Lucky Mint Crème Chip frozen yogurt as much as we do! Tag your creations on social media using #Yogurtland for a chance to be featured on our social sites.

Not sure if your favorite Yogurtland has Lucky Mint Crème? Use our flavor finder tool to find out!


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