Flavor Profile: Indonesian Chocolate Java Cake

Even as a seasoned veteran of Yogurtland, our Flavorologists have a way of surprising and delighting you with new, innovative flavors of frozen yogurt that can make your mouth water even as you read their flavor descriptions. Honey and Fig Gelato made with real figs and a touch of local honey? Yes please!

This year’s adventure around the world – Flavor Quest – is bringing you 9 global flavors, 8 of which are new, made by our team of Flavorologists. That’s 8 new flavors, never before seen in Yogurtland, that you get to experience for the first. time. ever.

How do our Flavorologists do it?

You’ve already met the team, now let’s get the inside scoop on what goes in to making new flavors, starting with our first featured flavor of Flavor Quest: Indonesian Chocolate Java Cake.


What inspired you to create this flavor for Flavor Quest?

Ingredients grown in Indonesia inspired us to create this flavor. The most well-known Indonesian cakes are moist, multi-layered treats known for their visual beauty and flavor. We wanted to pay tribute to this pastry by adding two ingredients commonly grown in Indonesia – cacao (chocolate) and coffee.

Where do you start when you decide on a flavor?

We have a big ideation session where we bring together our notes made throughout the year about flavors and foods from around the world. Foods that are interesting, trending and up-and-coming as well as flavors that have been popular in the past. 

From there, we narrow down our favorites to what we think our guests will truly appreciate most: delicious new flavors that will add variety and excitement to their Yogurtland experience.

Then we get to work!

How do you decide who works on a flavor?

Obviously we call dibs. But really, we’re negotiators here: Liz’s main focus is to develop the flavors, so she usually gets first pick. She was our captain for Indonesian Chocolate Java Cake!

But everyone on the team has an expertise: Nirupama’s ‘thing’ is fruits and tarts, Liz is the master of candy flavors and Utami is our go-to for flavors inspired by baked goods. We work together on every flavor to make sure we have the most authentic tasting flavors possible.

How many versions of Indonesian Chocolate Java Cake did you make before you decided on a winner? 

Twenty-two versions for this flavor! When coffee is paired with chocolate, the coffee flavor can sometimes get lost. We wanted each flavor to stand out on its own without either being too intense.

We also wanted the flavors to come in layers so you can taste each flavor at different times. It’s all about finding the right balance, and sometimes that takes time (and lots of taste testing!).

We’re a unique team because we source the food used for each flavor ourselves and decide how it’s processed. We don’t just buy a chocolate base to put in our yogurt; we source chocolate, we source coffee, and then we combine those flavors and find the balance in our lab.

When you buy the base instead of making it yourself, you don’t get the same flavor every time and it’s really hard to change it. The way we do things means we get to control the flavor 100% in our lab.

How would you describe how this flavor tastes to someone who's never been to Yogurtland?

We would describe our Indonesian Chocolate Java Cake flavor as tasting like a rich chocolate cake with butter cream and an added depth from the coffee. Smooth, decadent and rich deliciousness.

What toppings do you suggest pairing with this flavor?

This flavor would go well with sweet flavored toppings like caramel sauce, marshmallow sauce or brownie bites. It’s definitely a flavor for anyone craving decadent frozen yogurt!

Indonesian Chocolate Java Cake frozen yogurt is currently available in stores while supplies last. Use our Location Finder tool to find the closest location to you that’s carrying it!
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