The Yogurtland Dairy

From the first bite of your Yogurtland frozen yogurt to the sound of your spoon falling into your now-empty cup, you know there’s something deliciously different about our frozen yogurt that keeps you coming back for more.

Spoiler alert: that’s because there is something deliciously different about our frozen yogurt.

You know a little about how our  Flavorologists find the perfect balance while creating frozen yogurt flavors, but making flavors is only part of the process of making exceptional frozen yogurt. What you don’t know is how our team takes perfection to a new level by being a part of the frozen yogurt-making process from start to finish.

Enter Yogurtland Dairy, Stage Left:

They say if you want something done right, do it yourself. That’s essentially what our plan was to make sure we continued to deliver the safest, tastiest, highest-quality frozen yogurt with live and active cultures to our fans. How did we do it? We started our very own dairy so our team could continue to control everything about the frozen yogurt we serve to you.

Mic drop.


Start fresh:

We know you can’t have amazing tasting frozen yogurt unless you start with wholesome dairy – you gotta get that right. At Yogurtland, the milk we use to make the frozen yogurt at our dairy has the Real California Milk seal. That means the milk we use comes from the happy cows of California ( and is hormone and antibiotic-free. The milk is pasteurized in our dairy and quality checked to make sure it’s a clean platform to showcase our flavors.

The result? Udderly delicious frozen yogurt every time.

It’s all about that base:

One of the major, game-changing reasons our frozen yogurt is on another level of yum is the fact that our flavor bases, the recipes that make up the foundation of our frozen yogurt flavors, have always been owned by Yogurtland.

And, all three of our bases – sweet, tart and sorbet – are made and processed at the Yogurtland dairy.

“When you buy the base from a vendor instead of making it yourself, you don’t get the same flavor every time and it’s really hard to work with,” Nirupama, a Flavorologist at Yogurtland, said. “The way we do things at Yogurtland means we get to control the flavor 100% in our lab.”  

For example: If we’re making a chocolate flavor, we source the chocolate ourselves and find the balance in our lab to create a base that has the flavor profile we’re looking for.   

Taking the extra time to create the perfect bases for our frozen yogurt flavors, quality checking along the way, ensures the best product for our customers.


At the Yogurtland dairy, we make live and active cultures and add them into our sweet and tart based frozen yogurts*.  These yogurt cultures – Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus – in conjunction with added probiotics, convert pasteurized milk to yogurt and also have a range of health benefits, especially in aiding your digestive system.

Flavor Meets Yogurt:

After the cultures are added to the frozen yogurt, our flavors are added to the mix. Our team works tirelessly to find the best ingredients sourced from their native lands to bring you the most authentic tasting flavors out there.

That’s why our Pistachio frozen yogurt is made with real Pistachio nuts and it’s the same reason why you can see seeds in our Fresh Strawberry frozen yogurt: we use real ingredients to make real good flavors.

So there you have it.

The Yogurtland way of making frozen yogurt that’s deliciously different:

Start with wholesome dairy, quality check, create the perfect bases for our flavors, quality check, add live and active cultures made at the Yogurtland dairy, quality check, and add in flavors made from real ingredients! Oh yeah, and quality check! 

Look for the California Milk Seal and the Live and Active Cultures seal on your favorite flavor during your next visit!

*Our sorbet flavors don’t have live and active cultures added because they’re a dairy-free option that we provide for our lactose-intolerant customers to enjoy!


Made with REAL Tangerines and Oranges, this tangy, sweet sorbet is sure to be a crowd pleaser! The perfect flavor balance of candied tangerine and a fresh orange finish makes for a refreshingly sweet treat!
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