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Earth Day Every Day!

When’s the last time you looked at a Yogurtland spoon? We mean, really looked at one?

Over time you’ve seen different characters appear on our spoons, like Hello Kitty or Kung Fu Panda’s Po, but there’s something else on them that’s been hidden in plain sight for years. Not that we expect you to give your spoon a full inspection each and every time you go to Yogurtland to enjoy frozen yogurt, but you might be delighted to see a very special emblem on the back of your spoon during your next visit.

On the back of every Yogurtland spoon is a leaf, and next to it is one of Mother Earth’s most favorite words, “biodegradable.”  

At Yogurtland, one of the ways we play our part to lessen our ecological footprint is through our spoons. Yes, those sacred carriers of our frozen yogurt have a second, arguably more important job – biodegrading.

What makes Yogurtland spoons biodegradable?

Magic. Or perhaps it’s because of what they’re made of. Though our spoons may look plastic-y, they are not made in the same way a traditional plastic spoon is.

Yogurtland spoons are made from Polylactide (PLA) products, which means they’re made from renewable resources that can biodegrade. In our case, our spoons are made using corn starch. PLA products require less energy and resources to make and also decompose – with the help of oxygen and sunlight – much faster than a typical plastic spoon. Sounds like a win-win to us!

How are PLA products made?

PLA products can be made using a variety of different renewable resources, like corn starch or sugar cane. Yogurtland spoons are created first by processing corn into a starch and then into sugar. The sugar is then turned into PLA, which is then shaped and molded into the Yogurtland spoons you know and love. 

What are the benefits of PLA products?

As mentioned above, even processing PLA products conserves about half the energy required to manufacture traditional plastic spoons. PLA products also mainly use renewable resources in their production, unlike standard plastics which rely heavily on petroleum products.

Typical plastic spoons that are made from petroleum byproduct can take between 10 to 100 years to fully decompose. As these spoons decompose, they release toxic substances into the soil and groundwater. Not good.

In commercial composting conditions, PLA products such as our spoons will compost, using sunlight and oxygen, in approximately 30-45 days. Because PLA products are made from renewable resources, they don’t release the toxins that standard plastic products do. Much better.

What do you do to reduce your ecological footprint?

Yep, our Yogurtland spoons are green in more ways than one; they’re made with renewable resources, are reusable and biodegradable. We strongly believe it’s important for us to do our part to take care of the earth – after all, we’ve only got one! – and our spoons are a way for us to help lessen our ecological footprint.

Tag a picture of you with your Yogurtland spoon using #Yogurtland and tell us how you do your part to take care of our earth!



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