Chino Hills Yogurtland Gives Back

Not only do our Yogurtland stores have the opportunity to serve up smiles every day to the people in their communities, but they have the opportunity to pay it forward – the chance to say ‘thank you’ and pass along the good vibes that our customers give to us every day.

As a company, we strongly believe in the importance of community. It’s the communities we serve that support our stores and our tasty frozen yogurt, and we do our best to find opportunities to give back to them in meaningful ways.

Our franchisees uphold our core values and are the true superstars when it comes to honoring the Yogurtland philosophy by constantly staying involved with and giving back to their customers.

We’d like to take this opportunity to recognize the efforts of one of our franchisees – Jon Hong – whose recent support of the schools in Chino Hills, CA is a fantastic example of Yogurtland in the community.

Jon recently held a fundraiser at his Yogurtland store in Chino Hills, CA in an effort to support the schools in his community. Jon offered a $5 unlimited cup, $1 of which was donated back to one of the schools that had registered for the event. This resulted in $1,000 donated to schools in Chino Hills! 

As if a $5 unlimited cup wasn’t enticing enough.

“We are so blessed that our community gets together and comes into our stores to enjoy the best frozen yogurt in the world each and every day, so we’re always looking to find different ways to get involved with the community.” Jon said. “This particular fundraiser was designed to be as easy as possible for the schools to get involved without any work on their part except for them to promote it at the school level.”

During the store’s first $5 unlimited cup event, Jon and his team raised donations for 20 schools in the Chino area.

“It’s an amazing experience for our guests,” Jon said, “We expect to do this fundraiser at least twice a year to support the schools in our community.”

Seeing the joy that our frozen yogurt brings makes a good day great for us, and through our continued support of your communities we hope to make a good day great for you, too.

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