Yogurtland Introduces Ice Cream! - New Indulgent Premium Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream, Available For a Limited Time Only, Gives Fans Another Choice to Capitalize on the Industry’s Most Extensive Topping Bar

(IRVINE, CA) August 29, 2017— Beginning August 29, Yogurtland is giving everyone’s sweet tooth a reason to rejoice with the limited time addition of premium chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  The new serve yourself ice cream gives Yogurtland fans an indulgent option to create their own customized treat.

With the addition of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, Yogurtland is providing a one-stop shop for all to enjoy.  Yogurtland guests can swirl up their choice of chocolate or vanilla ice cream, or both, and head over to the topping bar to build their satisfying, delicious masterpiece. With over 60 fruit, candy, cereal, nuts, cookies and other toppings to choose from, Yogurtland offers fans the chance to completely customize both their yogurt and ice cream experience with all their favorite additions.

“One of the many joys for Yogurtland fans is to build their creation to perfectly suit their taste buds,” said John Carlson, senior vice president of marketing, development and operations at Yogurtland. “Now, fro-yo fanatics and ice cream lovers alike will have the chance to do so, all under one roof at Yogurtland.”

Yogurtland’s flavorologists are continually hand crafting craveable flavors that keep fans loving their experience. Yogurtland owns its own dairy and by controlling the frozen yogurt making process, the company can deliver the highest quality flavors, setting new standards for millions of fans. At Yogurtland, the milk used to make the frozen yogurt and ice cream has the Real California Milk seal. That means the milk used comes from the happy cows of California (http://www.realcaliforniamilk.com/) and is hormone and antibiotic-free. The milk is pasteurized and quality checked to make sure it’s a clean platform to showcase our flavors.

Presently Yogurtland has more than 320 locations across the U.S., Australia, Guam, Singapore, Thailand, Venezuela and Dubai.  For more information, visit http://www.yogurt-land.com or http://www.facebook.com/yogurtland.

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